Saint Charles Borromeo
Catholic Church

Section 32, Gully Township


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church was built about 1900. Services were conducted by missionary priests from Canada. Land for the church was donated by John Pletschett, and the front part of the church was built between 1906 and 1913. The church closed in 1984.

From 1911 to 1965 it was a mission of the Plummer church, then it became a mission of Oklee, until closing in 1984.

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John Schneider
U. LaBlanc
Adam Maslonka
Stanislaus Filar
John Agnes
Peter Agnes
John Pletschett
Dominique Schmit
Louis Nepper
Myrtle Pladsen
John O'Shea
Theodore Bries
Ray Simonis
Margaret Eiden


1909 Fr. A. Steur Omi
1910 Fr. Charles J. Deshares
1911 Fr. Paul Lefloch
1913 Fr. Sam Bouchard
1917 Fr. Patrick Lyons
1918 Fr. L. Perronnet
1919 Fr. J. P. Junker
1924 Fr. Emil Luetticke
1927 Fr. August Zellekens
1940 Fr. John Merth
1944 Fr. Vincent Zarzecki
1955 Fr. Jerome Felion
1959 Fr. Danial Noah
1965 Fr. Paul A. Cardin
1971 Fr. Keough J. Patnode



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