Fisher Methodist Episcopal Church

Fisher Township, Polk County

The Fisher Methodist-Episcopal Church was organized in 1885. Pastor C.F. Brown was the first to serve followed by Rev. James B. Castles, S.E. Salls, Joseph Hogg, George West, Thomas Billing, L.S. Koch and W.C. McAllister among others.  Charter members were the families of Calno Webster, Eric Whited, Robert Grango, Ephraim A. Sweet, L. Freeman, Martin Sanaker, A.Coleman Asselstine, Luther L. Bobear, William Cameron, James Ferguson, Thomas Hunter, Barbara McVeety, and Christinia Nisbet. 

Records indicate that there was a Methodist Church in Mallory affiliated with the Fisher ME Church.  The first recorded marriage was William Green and Barbara Glassen and the first baptism was Herman Julius Simon, son of Herman H. and Frances Simon.  The church was active until about 1925.

The church was associated with Oakhill Cemetery, which is also known as Merrill cemetery.

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