Moose Lake, Minn., Sept. 22,--As an extra on the Soo from Moose Lake southbound, was pulling into the yards at Onamia, it ran into a bad collision. The switch leading from the main line to the refrigerator side track was left open. The engine swerved in on the side track and, although Engineer H.J. Lewis knew that he had left the main track, he was unnable to check the train to avoid running into a string of refirgerator cars that were on the side track, even after applying the emergency brakes.

The engine was damaged quite badly and Engineer Lewis and Fireman T. Connelly, who were in the act of leaping when the engine rammed into the cars, were terribly scalded because of the breaking of some of the steam pipes. They also hurt their wrists and ankles in the jump. A doctor was called who looked after the injured and they will soon be well again.

Source: Crookston Times, Saturday, September 25, 1909
Submitted by Brenda G. June 2001
Updated 21 APR 2015, K. Kittleson