Official report of the proceedings of the city council of the city of Crookston at an adjourned regular meeting held the 25th day of August, 1909.

Meeting was called to order at 8:15 o'clock p.m. by President snyder.

The following named members were present and answered to roll call: Aldermen Snyder, Hussey, Sargnet, Hughes, Wright, Christianson.

Absent: Aldermen Murphy, Harris, Stainbrook.

The application of James Frazier for license to sell intoxicating liquors at No. 117 Second St., the bond in which case was disapproved at the last meeting of the council, was again taken up and a bond presented therewith, with Christ Eickhop and M. Palen as sureties, and on motion the bond was approved, and the license granted.

A resolution was offered by Alderman Hughes and seconded by Alderman Moran, by the provisions of which the salaries of the judge and the clerk of the municipal court for the next term were fixed at $90.00 and $50.00 respectively, and upon the roll being called, Alderman Hussey, Hughes and Wright voted in the affirmative, and Aldermen Sargent and Christianson voted in the negative, whereupon the resolution was declared lost.

Motion to adjourn carried.

A.M. CHILDS, City Clerk

Source: August 28 1909, Crookston Times
Submitter: Brenda G.

Updated April 2015, K. Kittleson