Last evening a well known resident of the city got into trouble when he was not looking for it. About 9 o'clock while walking along the street he met two fellows who were behaving in a most reprehensive manner. As there were many women and children on the street enroute home from the theaters, the two men were remonstrated with and requested to get off the street, and out of sight.

One of them became belligerent at once and, his pals coming up, the citizen suddenly found himself surrounded by three men and several pairs of fists shoved under his nose. He thereupon knocked one of the men down, his head hitting the paving so hard that he was taken to the hospital. The citizen was arrested and later released on bail and in turn had the other three men arrested. On account of the conflicting stories, the truth of the affair is in doubt and, in the meantime, the details of the matter will not be discussed.

Source: Crookston Times, August 26, 1909
Submitter: Brenda G.
Added Sept 14, 2002
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