Nyskoga Church

Sandsville Township

Polk County, Minnesota

The Nyskoga church no longer exists.

The Nyskoga Congregation was organized on July 9, 1894. Early members were the families of John Norberg, Henry Nelson, Paul Hendrickson, James Hendrickson, Henry Hendrickson, Henry Peterson, Peter Lundin, Ole Lundin, John Lundin, Ole Lundin, Henry Nyberg, Peter Dahlberg, John Paulson, Henry Nystrom, Andrew Paulson, Freda Nelson-Westin, Axel Nelson, Henry Nyquist, Axel Swanson, Carl Johnson, Peter Farstad, Engebret Myckleby, and Peter Lind. Some pastors that served were Pastor Alfred Bergin, Augustus Olson, Rev. L.J. Sjolinder and Pastor J.M. Persenius.

The church was built around 1907 on land donated by Henry Nelson; the cemetery was established prior to that date.

The congregation dissolved about 1938; but the cemetery is still in use and is well taken care of.

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