Mendenhall Presbyterian

East Grand Forks, Minnesota


Mendenhall Presbyterian Church
528 10th Street NW
East Grand Forks, MN 56721


Email: mendenhall@invisimax.com

Website: www.mendenhallchurch.org


Mendenhall Presbyterian Church was founded 1888, but since then it has merged with a couple other Presbyterian churches.

On October 3, 1948, Bethel Presbyterian of Mallory merged into Mendenhall; and in March 1969, Keystone Presbyterian of Key West, Keystone Twp., essentially merged into Mendenhall.

Mendenhall (Memorial) Presbyterian Church of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, was started by Rev. H. G. Mendenhall, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1888. The first location was at South 3rd Street and 2nd Avenue South in East Grand Forks. Members included many early Scottish and English settlers.

The second location was 610 10th Avenue, North, East Grand Forks, Minnesota. The present location is at 528 10th Street, NW, East Grand Forks. In 1946 Bethel Presbyterian Church of Mallory burned and the majority of their members joined Mendenhall. In 1969 Keystone Presbyterian of Keywest was closed and most of their members joined Mendenhall.

A Centennial Book is available which includes Church History, Charter Members, interesting stories, pictures and historical information. Records include births, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and deaths (after 1940).

Former pastors include: Daniel Y. Iddings (May 1888-Aug/1888); J. C. Melrose (Apr 1889-Aug 1889); Guy W. Wadsworth (Nov 1889-Dec 1890); John F. Montman (Apr 1891-Apr 1892); W. T. Wilcox (Apr 1892-Aug 1892); W. H. Hunter (Nov 1892-Nov 1895); T. Davis Archeson (Jun 1899-Jun 1902); William Best (Feb 1903-1905); Charles Bronson (Sep 1907-1908); Herri W. Georgi (Oct 1908-Aug 1911); C. E. Coles (May 1912-Apr 1917); F. C. Oliver (few months 1918); Carl Perrin (Mar 1919-Apr 1922); J. Rosser Jones (May 1924-Apr 1926); George D. Fisher (Apr 1927-Oct 1931); D. J. Kerr (Nov 1931-Jun 1936); Walter J. Brown (Nov 1936-Oct 1939); Rolland John Blue (Jul 1940-1947); Walter J. Brown (Oct 1947-Jul 1948); Andrew M. Lowry III (Jul 1948-Aug 1957); Richard W. Thompson (Dec 1957-Jun 1966); Robert L. Thaden (Sep 1966-Nov 1973); Terry S. Nelson (Jul 1974-Aug 1987); Harold Staats, Jr. (Aug 1987-Jun 1988); James C. DeSmidt (Sept, 1988-1999), Darrel Cory (Nov, 2000-present).

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