Setersdal Cemetery

Section 27, Bygland Township, Polk County, MN

Located about two miles south of Bygland on gravel County Road 223

Thanks to Ann for compiling this information, and for the pictures; Sept 2004

The Setersdal Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church congregation was organized in 1873 by Rev. Bernt Hagboe.  In the beginning it was an annex of the Sand Hill congregation which was in Vineland Township.  From 1876 until it's closing in 1884 Setersdal was independent.  A small church was built in 1878 in Section 27 with the cemetery next to the church. 

Some of the early pioneers who had services preformed at Setersdal and their names appear in the church records are Halvor Halvorson, Thor O. Vigen and wife Anne, Knud O. Ose, Aslak Torkeldson and wife Bergit, Knud Johnson, Talak Knudson, Ole Torkeldson and wife Anne, Ole K. Ose, Ole Arneson, Knud Aase, Sjodt Grundeson and wife Ragnild, Gunder Bjornson and wife Signe,  and many more.

There are only two stones left in this small cemetery that were moved near the road, one with three names.  The other stones were discarded and the land farmed over, the graves lost forever.  The descendants of these people will never locate the actual burial place of their ancestors.

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Vigen, Omund

Sep 21, 1876

Sep 15, 1879

Son of T.O. & A.O. Vigen

Omundsdatter, Anne

May 24, 1846

Jan 3, 188_

Wife of Thor Olsen Vigen (The stone is broke off where the date of death is.  The church records say her age was 35 years.)

Vigen, Anne 

Jan 1, 1881

Jul 21, 1881

Daughter of T.O. & A.O. Vigen

Halvorson, Halvor

Mar 29, 1850

Nov 30, 1882 

(Church records say he was murdered and found dead near Norton Station, by Reynolds, Dakota Territory.)

The church records also list the deaths of--

Tellefson, Ole 


age 1 month


Olsdatter, Signe 


age 32 years


Evenson, Omund 


age 5 years


Grundeson, Sjoth 


age 42 years


Sjotsdatter, Ingeberg 


 age 5 years


Jorgenson, Ole 


age 6 months


Jorgenson, Thoreg 


age 2 years



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