Erickson Family Cemetery

Section 35, Fisher Township, Polk County, Minnesota

Located in the  N 1/2  of the  W 1/2  of the   SW 1/4, of Section 35.

The Erickson Cemetery is located on land once owned by Olof and Maria Erickson and later their son, Axel.   This is a family cemetery with four graves.  The cemetery  is fenced but at the present time in need of work. A tree has fallen and knocked  down Maria's tombstone and the underbrush is taking over.  This cemetery is located on private property. 

Information submitted by Ann, March 2007




Erickson, Erick May 6, 1873 -- Nov 15, 1887  
Erickson, Maria N Mar 25, 1843 -- May 19, 1896  
Erickson, Olof  Apr 12, 1843 -- Mar 12, 1937 (The 1915 Farmers' Directory of Fisher Township lists Olaf Erickson, R1, Sec 34 - 160 acres, Sec 35 - 80 acres, children Axel, 42 years in the county, with an Eldred Post Office.)
Axel Erickson Feb 13, 1879 -- Jun 10, 1964 Unmarked grave  (Axel's obituary states he was born in Fisher Township and lived there all his life with the  exception of the past year when he lived with his brother Abel Erickson in Crookston.  It also says he died at the Crookston Hospital at the age of 85.)


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