SOURCE: Compendium of History and Biography of Polk County, Minnesota, Major R.I.
Holcombe, Historical Editor; William H. Bingham, General Editor; W.H. Bingham
And Company, Minneapolis, Minn.; 1916; reprinted by Higginson Book Company;
Salem Massachusetts; (book no longer copyrighted)
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pp 255-256

Emanuel Pederson, a successful farmer of Brandsvold township, was born in Norway, May 20, 1855.  When he was fifteen years of age he went to sea on a ship carrying a cargo of coal and grain from Holland to England.  He was seven months on his first voyage, sailing into the Baltic before returning to Holland.  He next served on a Norwegian vessel engaged in the Baltic lumber trade, loading lumber from Scandinavia for Russia.  For ten years he worked as a sailor, sailing on a number of different ships and visiting many ports, crossing the ocean several times to New York and Baltimore. 

During these years of hard and continuous labor he did not share in the improvident, adventuring spirit of the average sailor but saved his earnings and centered his ambitious upon  acquiring land of his own in some good agricultural region.  He came to Minnesota to join an uncle living in Ottertail county, who had sent for him, offering to make him his heir.  After two years in Ottertail county he went to Polk county, and in the fall of 1883 filed his claim on the southeast quarter of section eighteen in Brandsvold township. 

In the following year he began to develop his farm; his first house was a small shanty, but was soon replaced by a comfortable dwelling place.  He has built up a good farm by thrifty and able management, with one hundred and twenty acres under cultivation, and engages in diversified farming.  His farm is well stocked and he keeps a herd of dairy cows, selling cream to the cooperative creamery at McIntosh.  The Pederson place is conveniently located four miles west of McIntosh and a little over six miles northwest of Fosston.  Mr. Pederson spent three years in Canada, leaving his farm in charge of his sons, and took a claim there, which he now owns. 

He also assisted his sons, Ingewald Pederson and Edward Pederson, to secure Canadian land.  Since the first election held in Brandsvold township he has been actively identified with the public interests and gave efficient service in the office of supervisor for twelve years.  His marriage to Maria Wick took place in Ottertail county in 1885.  She is a native of Norway, born in 1867, and came to this country in the same year that her husband did.  They have nine children: Cecilia, wife of Ben Norgaard, of Eden township; Ingewald and Edward, who are farmers is Saskatchewan, and also in charge of their fatherís land there; Inga, who keeps house for her brother Edward; Conrad and Melvin, who assist their father in the management of the home place; Elmer, living with his brothers in Canada; Hjalmar and Hilda.  Mr. Pederson is a faithful supporter and one of the charter members of the Kingu Lutheran church at Fosston.

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PENDER, James Ray - Apr. 19, 1925 East Grandforks - Nov. 27, 1976 in East Grandforks

Several Pender children graduated from East Grand Forks High School: Charles  (1967), Judy Pender Gauthier (1955), Lloyd (1951), Shirley Pender Forlenga (1964), Tom (1954) and Vaile (1954).  I graduated with Charles.  The last I knew,  he was living in the Atlanta, GA area, but that was nearly 30 years ago.  Unless James died "at home," he probably died in Grand Forks, ND as EGF has never had a hospital.  For any of them born/died "in EGF" or North Dakota, you'll have to get a ND certificate.  For James' obituary, get the appropriate microfilm for the "Grand Forks Herald" newspaper, Grand Forks, ND.

The following census data is all from the 1930 US census, census reel T626_1113, City of East Grand Forks, Polk County.

ED 22, page 3B: John W. Pender (age 40, married at 38, born in MN, parents born in Scotland, railroad engineer) and Mabel C. Pender (wife, age 37, married at 35, born in MN, parents born in Norway).  ED 22, page 7B: James Pender (head, age 39, married, born in MN, parents born in Scotland, railroad brakeman, veteran of WW I), Hazel Pender (wife, age 30, she and parents born in MN),  James R. Pender (son, age 4-11/12, born in ND, parents born in MN), Dorothy L. Pender (daughter, age 2-3/12, born in ND, parents born in MN) and Alec Pender (brother of head, age 39, single, born in MN, parents born in Scotland, railroad laborer).  ED 22, page 9A: William A. Wolff (head, age 35, married at 31, born in MN, father born in Germany, mother born in Norway, railroad fireman), Isabella Wolff (wife, age 36, married at 32, born in MN, parents born in Scotland), Margaret A. Wolff (daughter, age 2-3/12, born in ND, parents born in MN), Kenneth D. Wolff (age 0, born in ND, parents born in MN) and Thomas Pender (father-in-law, age 74, widow, he and parents born in Scotland, immigrated in 1877 and is naturalized).

Kenneth D. Wolff is listed in the East Grand Forks white pages.  I won't post his address/phone here, but you can find that online.

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